The Cutting Edge

OK – I haven’t posted in ages, mostly because I have no free time anymore with grad school classes and increased physical therapy appointments for my son. So, there are really many things I could post about, but this important development in chocolate baking warranted at least a quick post on Digital Divas, which might alternately be called “Chocolate Loving Digital Divas.”

Ya know how those “edge” brownies are so good? A bit of crunchy edge, yet still a soft gooey middle? Imagine if you could get an edge brownie every time… imagine no longer! You can indeed get an edge brownie every time with the Baker’s Edge pan! Technology rules!

Here are some very positive reviews from buyers on, with suggestions for other uses, like breads and even lasagna! OK – now that I’ve made you think about brownies, bread and lasagna, you may now return to your regularly scheduled day. 🙂