October 25, 2006

EGADS – It’s NOT Pink!

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That’s right – Digital Divas is temporarily *not* pink! Welcome to the Halloween Theme (which may well be the Thanksgiving and Christmas themes too, since I’m now in grad school and barely have time to post much less create new themes).

Anyway, I worked on the graphics for this theme before classes started, so that’s how I was able to get this up. Well, that and a little help from my husband, Dougal,who said, “I know you’re swamped right now – would you like me to upload your Halloween theme?” Being the WordPress God that he is, I knew I could obviously trust him and jumped at the chance to actually get this theme up before Halloween. In addition to Dougal, I’d also like to credit some fellow iStockphoto artists for their contributions, first, Amanda Bodack, for her wonderful black cat, which reminds me of my beloved Spazmo kitty, and to David Russell, for his spider web and scary dangling spider! (Admit it – you know you were scared!) Both of these artists have great libraries on iStockphoto – take a look if you get a chance!

Meanwhile, back to midterms and Happy Halloween!

5 Responses to “EGADS – It’s NOT Pink!”

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  2. Sharon J says:

    What a “beautiful” theme! Well done! Anybody who can do anything like this has my full respect.

  3. marsha says:

    It’s purple…but I like it. Very nice…very halloweeny.

  4. Patrick says:

    Very nice looking theme.

  5. Sue Ellen says:

    That last commenter was little out of line I’d say – looks like he was here just for a link.


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